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ComposeDoc is an innovative system providing an integrated solution for document creation and delivery

Document Composition and Output Management

ComposeDoc is a software solution for integrated document creation and delivery, best fit for medium and large enterprises.

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Management Console Application

Management Console application is designed to Configure, Manage, Monitor, and Control the production status and resources.

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Layout Design and Workflow implementation

Workflow Plan Editor is used to setup end-to-end Workflow,  includes Layout Designer to form any required Layout.

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Reports Application

ComposeDoc Reports is used to export the results of the production processes, Reports Scheduled option is available.

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Add-On Modules

ComposeDoc product solution  includes over different 50 add-on modules to allowing  a wide range of document process operations in the production workflow of documents. Follow,  are the categories of workflow operations:

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About the Company

ComposeDoc Ltd. is a privately held high-tech company providing advanced software solutions and services enabling its customers transforming their data assets to meaningful business information with marketing and personalized messages. The business information, mainly documents are then delivered to end-user customers and business partners over multiple electronic distribution channels.

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