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About Us.

Who We Are?

Established in 2009, ComposeDoc Ltd. is a privately held high-tech company headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Our advanced software solutions enable organizations to easily transform data assets into engaging, personalized business documents for multi-channel electronic and print distribution.

We serve customers in a wide range of industries including financial services, banking, insurance, telecommunications, utilities and health care.


Composedoc channel partners have the skills and the experience to implement a ComposeDoc Document Creation & Delivery Solution that meets your business objectives. Backed by our internal engineering and technical support, our channel partners work to ensure that your ComposeDoc project is a success.

Current partners:




Sanskrit Software Systems Ltd

Dortal Software Systems Ltd

Market Presence & Vision

ComposeDoc enables multiple departments in the Enterprise such as marketing, sales and operational teams to communicate with their customer as one voice.

ComposeDoc empowers business users to take control and quickly respond to changing customer needs through relevant, timely communications across digital and print channels.

ComposeDoc Ltd. is successfully competing in the high-end and high-volume market segment of creating and distributing business documents with major reference customers from diverse verticals such as: Utility, Insurance & Finance, Energy, Transportation and Delivery, Outsourcing Services for Municipals,  and more. The company’s vision is to be the market leader providing workflow solutions for creating any type of business documents as well as delivering the created documents on any media channel.

Our Skills

Output Management 100%
Document Process Automation 100%
Document Composition 100%
Preprint & Printing 100%
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